Spring   2017   Registration

                                                  Spring Session Registration

Spring Session : February 27,2017 - June 03,2017

                                                                                                         All Students Must be registered Online

              All parents have to review Academy of Russian Ballet Handbook,and sign student's waver

ARB strongly recommends and encourages all Academy and Pre-Professional students to take the full Recommended Curriculum offered for their level for maximum progress 

Students, who do not wish to commit to the full Recommended Curriculum due to other activities, school/family obligations, etc. can take advantage of Flexible Schedule

                                    Please check Tuition page for available discounts

                                  To complete your registration, please follow these steps:

1.Click on Register Now button

2.If you are already registered with ARB,please enter your e-mail and password
   If you are not registered with ARB yet,please click on Register button

3.For a new families

   a.Please fill out electronic form
   b.Once account is created,you can
    - Enroll in Classes
    - Add another student to this account
   c.If all students are added to account,click on Search/Enroll in Classes
   d.Accept Student Waiver and Release of Liability
   e.Please type your name to acknowledge acceptance and click on Accept button

4.For all families:
   a.Click on Enroll in A Class link
    b.Select class for student,and click on Enroll student in Another Class link
    c.Repeat it untill all necessary classes are selected
    d.Once all classes were selected,please click on CHECKOUT
    e. Review selected classes,you can add more or remove
    g.Click on NEXT
    h.Select pay by Cash/Check at the office and click on NEXT
    i. Click on Accept and Logout

If you have any question,concern,or need an assistance,please contact us at any time
                                           [email protected]

For your convenience, all the rules of conduct and ARB policies have been summarized in an ARB Handbook which you can access by clicking on the button DOWNLOAD or downloaded separately

Minimum requirement for all students is 2 full days or 4 classes