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Pre-Professional Registration

         Pre-Professional Program Registration (Ages 11+)

Pre-professional program with classes 5 days per week is designed for students who wish to pursue further ballet training following their graduation from high school with the goal of pursuing a career as a professional dance, or find success in other fields
It provides world-class, pre-professional ballet training featuring the renowned Vaganova Training Curriculum,private coaching,and personalized tuition for young dancers interested in professional career,or for personal advancement
A positive and nurturing environment focused on individual attention will allow each dancer to develop their specific strengths and sense of artistry,and prepare dancers for the professional ballet world,or college dance programs
We believe that every child deserves a teacher who will see their potential to achieve and maximize their success, no matter what path they choose for their future in dance
Whether a career as an artist is your child’s dream, or you have a different plans, in any case your child will get such a wonderful qualities as improved self-esteem, grace and poise under pressure, creative thinking, and increased self-efficacy,as well as health and leadership.
The curriculum includes daily Ballet Technique class, as well as Pointe,Batterie,Variations,Repertoire, Character,Conditioning,Floor Barre  classes and Repertoire rehearsals taught by graduated faculty from the world-renowned Vaganova Ballet Academy

Graduate students receive assistance with audition photos, cover letters and letters of recommendation along with UNESCO International Dance Coincil Certificate
Master classes and individual lessons with Internationally recognized ballet teachers and choreographers on a regular basis
Current ICB students should go to the Parent Portal for class and registration information.
New students have to take an audition before enrolling. We invite any dancer to come for audition and enroll at any time during the semester.Pro-rated tuition is available for students who join mid-month or session.

To schedule an audition, please contact the ICB at 224-532-3111 or 

[email protected]

A limited number of merit-based scholarships will be awarded, with preference given to  the new students that attend the Summer Intensive as this allows the Artistic Staff additional time to assess the student’s potential
All students are required to attend minimum 3 (1.5 hours) ballet technique classes                       and 3 (1.5 hours) pointe technique classes per week
All new students have to take an audition before enrolling

Enrollment: $300 nonrefundable (applies toward tuition)

                                              To register for Pre-Professional class

      1.Click on Registration button.One will be redirected to the Login page
      2.Under New to Illinois Classical Ballet,click on Register
      3.Enter information as required,create password,and read and accept student waver
      4.Select classes.
      5.Registration is considered complete when $300 non-refundable security deposit is                    paid (Security deposit must be paid within two weeks from the moment  of registration              and applies toward tuition).

 To achieve best result and maximum progress in training,student should take all   
                               classes recommended by ICB for his/her level     

New Students

Returning Students